If you want to participate in this campaign, some details are important to keep in mind.

  • At least at first, we are using D&D 3.5 basic character classes.
  • Setting is in Forgotten Realms. The year is 1374 DR. The Deities take an active role in the world and will reward faithful followers; players are encouraged to choose a deity to worship, but not required.
  • given the difficulties of playing an evil character who chooses to adventure with a non-evil party, if you want to play an evil character please bear in mind that the initial location is a lawful good kingdom. Be prepared for NPCs and other players to attempt to imprison or kill your character unless you restrain your evil tendencies.
  • All characters are starting at 1st level. (if the majority of players dislike this we can discuss higher-level characters.)

Modified character-creation rules:

  • Roll three sets of stats and choose the one you like best. Assign the rolled stats to whichever attributes you prefer.
  • When rolling your stats, roll 4 dice and discard the worst die.
  • re-roll all 1’s unless you deliberately want to keep an abnormally low roll for role-playing purposes.
  • 1st level hitpoints are the maximum possible roll on the hit die, plus any bonuses.


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