The Purple Bridge

This inn is a recent addition to Marsember and was built near the Navy docks. The inkeepers keep the crews supplied with ale and hearty dinners. Those who do business with the Navy or at the docks will also drop in for a meal and may stay as guests. Adventurers also visit most days, as tne Purple Bridge is known as a place to find – and offer – help on dangerous tasks.

The name comes from a bridge of strange purple-gray wood that leads from the main entrance and across a canal. Almost all of the city is broken up into tiny islands separated by canals; most have shops, houses, warehouses, or (at the edges facing into the Dragonmere sea) docks for trading ships. Stairs lead down to the canal next to the bridge and a small dock of the same wood serves those who arrive by water.

Few of the nearby merchant buildings are more than one story, and most are made of sturdy stone covered with stucco. The Purple Bridge shares their exterior but stands two stories tall, giving a good view south to nearby merchant docks and towards the taller navy buildings to the southeast. Towards the north and west haze and mist hides the city on most days.


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